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Environmental Management and Auditing

In coming years, the integration of environmental considerations into existing management schemes will pose an important factor in determining the success not only of large-scale enterprises, but also of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ever since 1995, private enterprises have had the option of certifying their environmental management scheme in accordance with the European EMAS-Regulation, which establishes a voluntary system of environmental auditing known as "Environmental Management and Auditing Scheme". Alternately, enterprises could request certification in accordance with ISO 14001, a standard applied and recognized throughout the world. It thus becomes possible for enterprises to introduce an environmental management scheme similar to already existing systems of quality management, have these monitored by external auditors and finally put them to practice in their respective lines of business. The certificates issued after completion of an auditing procedure are generally recognized and may significantly affect an enterprises's competitiveness.

      Do you wish to:
  • reduce spending?
  • improve your internal organization?
  • secure the future of your company?
  • contribute to environmental protection while pursuing the aforesaid goals?

     We can help you:

  • reduce your consumption of resources.
  • reveal costs relating to the environment.
  • contain environmental risks and thus
    potential liabilities thereby incurred.
  • improve legal certainty with regard to
    environmental legislation.
  • create a basis for public relations work
    in the area of environmental protection,
    boosting your image in the public and
    with potential and current customers.
  • render your organization more transparent.
  • increase the motivation of your employees.
  • strengthen your market position.

We have the resources and knowledge to support you in the process of introducing an environmental management system in your enterprise. If you are interested and aware of the environmental impacts of your business, we can provide you with accurate and practical solutions for your own environmental management system as well as active assistance during all stages leading up to your certification.

If you believe in avoiding unnecessary risks and safeguarding your company's future, don't hesitate to contact us!

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