Dr. Ulrich Größmann   •   Environmental Consultancy



Dipl.-Ing. Peter Röwemeier

Quality management in accordance with ISO 9000 ff, QS9000, VDA 6 ff, EFQM/TQM, Self-Assessments, HACCP, and, if required, certification procedures  

Dr. Friedhelm Kring,

Info-broking, data-mining, editorial tasks, new media, presentations, public relations BIOnline - InfoService Bio- und Naturwissenschaften

Michael Mehling,

Institute for Environmental Law and Management, German environmental law, comparative, European, and international environmental law Center for Environmental Law and Management
Dr. Uwe Raab,
management consultant, industrial safety, environmental management, quality management, expert on industrial accidents, forensic toxicology
UTW AG (Weinfelden, Switzerland) Environmental technology, engineering, environmental analyses, consultation, evaluation, investigation  
Dr. Größmann is member of the Expert Network Science Consult